Disney World

Disney World

Disney World Resort is the most enchanting and magical-themed resort in the world. Home to the Epcot Center and Magic Kingdom, Disney is one of the few places that makes even adults act like children. With a variety of theme hotels, recreational parks, and other entertainment options, this is a place one must visit in their lifetime! At a distance of about 23 miles from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) getting to Disney World can be one of the easiest and most comfortable journeys with our limousine services.

Elegance Luxury Transportation

Comprehensive Comfort and Luxury

Our private limousine and car services not only offer the benefit of comfort to you but are also the most luxurious way of traveling. The sleek and stylish cars will add a whole new level of lavishness to your vacation. Depending on the group you are traveling with and the specific needs and requirements, you could choose from a variety of cars available with us. Some of the cars we offer for Disney transportation are-

  • At rates that barely vary from taxi fares, our services can prove to be quite cost-effective and have greater value for you. Another advantage of hiring our limousine services is that it gives you the convenience of picking up your own time of travel. You will not have to adjust and accommodate preset times. With Elegance Transportation, you could also stop in between the trip to Disney World if required such as picking grocery up, getting a task done or even visiting a restaurant or bar. Our services are completely customizable giving you the freedom to plan a schedule comfortable for you. With our friendly, helpful chauffeurs and excellent cars, we hope to make your next trip to Disney World safe and enjoyable for everyone! For more information on the entire list of cars available or for any queries, you may have, please contact us and let us take care of all your travel needs!
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