Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes Benz S550 is built to exuberate and redefine luxury like none other. If you fancy this executive-level sedan which has seat coolers that suck air for four minutes before they blow, chilling your sweaty backsides in no time; or enjoy the stereo-speaker with mood lights – we, at Elegance Transportation Inc are here to chauffer you in its divine comforts.

High Standards in Luxury

With all the attention that it deserves, and adulation that it receives, you can be assured that every time you book our Mercedes Benz S550, you will have access to a car that functions will all passenger comforts! Our maintenance team and assigned chauffeurs are trained to take utmost care of our fleet of vehicles so we ensure the best on road services to our clients. The Mercedes Benz S550 with its unmatched comfort, opulent interiors and the best array of executive luxury features is the right car for your travel needs? Not only that-

Executive Luxury Features


  • This car has a maximum capacity of 4 passengers and can comfortably transport a party of 2
  • Each one of our luxury sedans are equipped with AM/FM Stereos
  • Dual rear A/C
  • Vanity Mirrors
  • Accessible Rear Controls
  • Reading Lights

Night Out In Town

If you are a corporate traveler visiting Florida on business, a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a local looking for a ride on a night out in town, our Mercedes Benz S550 is poised for you. With a chance to set an impression on your business associates or your prom date, hiring our Mercedes Benz S550 is just what will help you make the cut. This vehicle is especially popular among our clients for the following purposes –

  • Comfortable Airport Transfers
  • Small travel parties to Disney World Resorts or Universal Studios
  • Birthdays or Anniversaries
  • Proms and Weddings
  • Business travel

Corporate travelers especially, who end up spending a lot of their time on the road trying to get from one meeting to another, find our Mercedes Benz S550 a comfortable ride. Spacious enough to act as your temporary on road office space, the vehicle is ideal to brush up on your presentation, finish some phone calls and send out some emails.

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