Start your trip in style – the best ride to Port Canaveral

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September 15, 2019
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Start your trip in style – the best ride to Port Canaveral

Are you finally earning that vacation you’ve worked so hard for? Or maybe you’re finding adventurous ways to spend your Honeymoon? Whatever the case, we believe the best way to spend a spring or summer holiday is by cruising across the majestic, deep-blue seas of Florida!

The Sunshine State has plenty of Cruise Ports where you can begin an entertaining voyage to gorgeous islands. The most popular of these is Port Canaveral.

What Port Canaveral has to Offer:

The Port:

If you’re looking for a casual weekend getaway, Port Canaveral can surprise you with its offerings!

The beach is perfect for sunning, leisurely walks and observing rocket launches. You can also go fishing on your charter boat, or by the harborside. Other fun activities include camping under the shimmering stars, hitting the jackpot on a gaming cruise and much more!

There are a number of parks in Port Canaveral, like the Jetty Park & Freddie Patrick. These offer camping spots, fishing piers, native wildlife exhibitions, picnic facilities and refreshments among other things.

Besides the fun, there are plenty of food options as well. The Cove is a recreational area with a pretty waterfront view that boasts incredible restaurants, snack shops, lounges, casino ship, mini-bars and outdoor seating. The food is of great variety, from finger snacks to three-course meals that include pasta, steaks, seafood and alot more!

The Cruise:

Up for spending a week or two enjoying the mesmerizing waters, visiting tropical islands and experiencing different cultures? Then you should definitely buy tickets for cruises from Port Canaveral!

On these, you can enjoy a cruise trip to Bahamas, Carribean and other tropical spots, go on Gaming Cruises etc. A few commonly booked luxury cruises include Royal Carribean, Norweigan Line, Carnival Cruise and Disney Cruise.

The Best Transport to and from Port Canaveral:

Great job! You’ve picked your fun activity for a holiday! But what about transportation? 

Well, we think you have enough on your plate with packing, booking and planning, clearly making transportation a hassle.

Now, there’s a number of ways you can go to a Cruise Terminal or The Cove, including timely shuttles and taxis. However, these two can put you at a disadvantage because of many factors.

Limousine rides, on the other hand, are a superior choice for travelling between the hotel and Port Canaveral. They carry a whole lot more convenience, style and luxury.

One such service is Elegance Transportation, a trusted company which has been transporting passengers to Port Canaveral for over two decades! We have achieved a high rate of satisfaction, thanks to our expert chauffeurs, stunning fleet and affordable rates.

Here’s a few reasons why you should pick Orlando Limo over other means!


If you’re carrying luggage and valuables with you, or are bringing back souvenirs from your trip, hiring us would give you an advantage over public transport when it comes to security. With anti-theft locks, alarms and other security measures, your safety is guaranteed!


Shuttles arrive at fixed timings, whereas our Limousines can be booked for whenever your cruise will leave the shore. We are also punctual, meaning there is no need to wait to begin your incredible day!

  1. Comfort:

Our sumptuous cars have plenty of room for larger families, luggage and handicap access. The comfort of our passengers through provision of top-notch service is our priority!


Why begin a luxury cruise trip with a boring ride? Our luxurious limousines have the best leather seats, air-conditioning, lighting and fine refreshments!


We have an edge over other similar services because of our experience in the business. Our chauffeurs are all skilled navigators and will reach your destination in no-time!


Lastly, we are also quite cost-effective, charging minimum rates for excellent service, starting at just $59 per hour!

Avail our Port Canaveral Service Package and Book A Ride today!